Revv up those engines;
it's gonna be a bumpy ride;
koiosing whispered:
CRACKS KNUCKLES. roll out the red carpet; your god has arrived, Manus! Koizaki Io here!

Ahhhh? Our god? Ne, Kami-sama, you seem pretty short, dontcha think?

Welcome, Koizaki Io, to the skies of Manus! You’re in Bramante, in Hortus. Make sure you sail those balloons high, heh~!

angryscorpio whispered:
*DROPS FROM THE ROOFTOPS* Hello, I am here to reserve the one and only Clear from DRAMAtical Murder. Date is June 12th and this is my personal.


One and only? What if there is more than one? Huh? Ever think a’ that?

Regardless, consider Clear reserved! You have a week, buddy.

♔ gold mod ♔

kisaragi-aine whispered:
Please reserve me Kisaragi Aine from utapri as well before I regret everything

hee hee HEE HEE

Consider Kisaragi Aine reserved! You have a week to get in your blog~

♔ gold mod ♔

kisaragi-aine whispered:
please reserve me yusei fudo from yugioh 5Ds because steampunks on motorcycles fuck yeah

you say to reserve yusei, okay, okay

Consider Yusei Fudo  to be reserved! You have a week to get your blog in, uh huh!

♔ gold mod ♔

hostofwrath whispered:
yooooooo hi id like to reserve tali'zorah from mass effect its june 10th and spiritedaponponweiwei is my personal

hiya there pal consider it done

Tali’Zorah has been reserved! You have a week, my friend. 

♔ gold mod ♔

pides whispered:
i'd love to reserve kamanosuke yuri from brave 10, please! the date is 9th june, 2014. this is my personal.


Consider Kamanosuke Yuri reserved! You have a week to send your blog in, uh huh! We’ll be waiting~

♔ gold mod ♔

Anonymous whispered:
Hello gold mod, you lovely, lovely creature. You're so great and amazing I almost forgot the point of this message-- AH! To reserve Naoto Shirogane from Persona Four. It is June 8th, my personal is rinter-kun and /damn/ you are an amazing mod

Goodness, gracious! I am so flattered, you wonderful person who definitely isn’t me. Your compliments did not fall to waste!

Consider Naoto Shirogane reserved! You have a week to send in your blog.

♔ gold mod ♔

resfeberish whispered:
hello hello it's 8/6 and i'd like to reserve garry from ib! my personal is ajcrowleys. sorry reffie you can never be rid of me.


Consider Garry reserved for you! You have a week, uh huh!!

♔ gold mod ♔

biichass whispered:
i would make a self-deprecating comment but WHATEVER here i am i'm doing the thing yes hello I'd like to reserve Koizaki Io from Inazuma Eleven Go the date is June 7th and my personal is kurifurinkan please and thank you


Consider Koizaki Io reserved! You have a week to send in your blog, uh huh!! o v o

♔ gold mod ♔

Welcome one and all to our wonderful city of Manus.

Here, we have pride in everything from our clocktower workers to our pilots.

Don’t think this airborne city is just a dream in the sky. When it comes to danger, the thieves andcriminals roaming the streets provide all the kick.

So, are you willing to come join us? Let the steam-powered ships guide you to our floating metropolis.

~~A new Steampunk Multifandom RP Group~~

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